Burch Bees – Engaging in the World of Native Bees

St Columba Anglican School

The aim of our project is to implement the 100 Hives program to highlight the importance of sustainable practices working with native Bees. A bee hive to be placed in our garden to provide interactional and educational resources to support, enhance knowledge, awareness, understanding and appreciation for bees, ecosystems and biodiversity. The children will be involved in selecting a native bee habitat site, installing, ongoing engagement through online educational resources, data collection and project activities with a native stingless bee hive in our school. The students will also select and plant native plants as food sources for our beehive. The expected (environmental and educational) outcomes of the project include immersive educational & experiential learning about bee life cycles, behaviours, traits and how pollinators contribute to sustainability and biodiversity. This hands on practical approach focusses on sustainable food production and enhancing native habitats, supported by Little Star Bee Sanctuary to raise the next generation of bee keepers and advocates.